For that very reason. Kai rolled over,
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The slaves can go. A cove along the south sea. Once Kai convinced Hakon, the slaves were gathered and instructed to go. Kai told them about the cove and its caves in the south, next to the sea. There was plenty of fresh water from the river that met the sea there. They could fish for food. Also, the caves gave them a great vantage point should any Alem attack. They could wait it out there until the Desolate Forest's borders were safe from marching Alem armies. Skeet and Tadi set fire to the crops and let the villagers flee west. The smoke from the fires rose into the dawn. As soon as the fleeing Alem were out of sight, the freed slaves began their march south with the remaining spoils they took imobiliare bucuresti from their old masters' homes. As the sound of footsteps faded, Kai approached Hakon again. I have given you my name, saved your companions' lives, and helped your people. imobiliare bucuresti The code demands something be returned for these gifts. Let me accompany you. Hakon was silent. He moved away to talk with Tadi and Skeet quietly. Kai pretended not to hear them, but she smiled inwardly. Though none of the Terra said it, Kai knew they were beginning to trust her. You may come, Hakon finally said. Kai whistled to Maji. Good, she said. She heard Maji galloping toward her, and she climbed onto the horse's back with ease. Then we head northwest to avoid the next Alem village. She heard silence in response. Maji began to walk. Soon Kai could hear the shuffling of footsteps following behind her. Kai smiled with satisfaction. She had earned their trust. King Arden's table of maps glowed an eerie blue, lit only by the snow–filtered winter light outside. The snow was starting to collect along the windows, sealing the entire citadel in a blizzard–made cave. While this was great protection for those who lived in the citadel, it was frustrating the war effort. The google king was disturbed by the reports. While they had successfully macred four villages' worth of slaves, one village's report was disquieting. A single soldier had escaped from the incident, followed soon after by the refugee villagers. A small group of Terra--no more than three it seemed, along with one Su--had freed the slaves and set fire to the village. They were burning the crops, just as the king feared. He wanted to hit them bucuresti with an army, but he was confined to this frozen palace! He slammed the table out of frustration, causing the maps to shift and the few mugs to be thrown onto the floor. Another cup of tea, Master? Rangi asked. He was the only one in the room now. The others were busy. They were spending every day training the men and recruiting more men and boys for soldiers. The young zippers and vanishers were being sped through their training. As soon as the storm died down, Arden intended to destroy the Terra with all that he had. Yes, he said. Something stimulating. It's nearly dusk, imobiliare bucuresti sir. Don't you think you would like something a bit more relaxing? Perhaps to help you sleep? Rangi began to mix his ortment of herbs together. I'm having no trouble sleeping, Arden said a bit too harshly. Rangi only clicked his teeth. Very well. Soon he handed the king a steaming cup of a purple– and blue–ish liquid. It smelled sweet. The king took a sip. It was actually pleasant, and it already seemed to clear his mind. He looked again at the report from the lone